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These are my notes from the Project Management general skills course, held in SS 2012 by Prof. Wild. Currently, all lectures up until and including 23 March are covered.

I have not yet decided whether I will follow this course through the end—this also depends on whether the study plan will allow me to do so. In any case, for as long as I do follow it, all my notes will appear hear, hopefully somewhat promptly. Similar to the P&C course, this course will focus on practical exercises, so there maybe won't be that much theory.

I'm well aware that my handwriting may be difficult to read at times, and that the notes may be somewhat idiosyncratic. To a certain degree, this is intentional. If—and this is a very big if—I come around to do some post-processing, I might write them in the clear, or even integrate the contents in the Wiki.

Prof. Wild has kindly provided the slides for his course for download.